The National Agency for the Valorization of Hydrocarbon Resources "ALNAFT"


Anyone wishing to exercise upstream activities including prospecting, research and exploitation of hydrocarbons, in application of the provisions of law n ° 19-13 dated on December 11, 2019 must submit a request for prequalification to The National Agency for the Development of Hydrocarbon Resources - ALNAFT.

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1. Required Documents and information

- The Request for prequalification consists of the Letter of expression of interest and legal, technical and financial documents and information. The form and content of the request are specified in Annexes A, B and C attached.

- Letter of interest expression

- Legal aspects: Annex A

- Technical aspects: Annex B

- Financial aspects: Annex C

- The letter of expression of interest for the prequalification must be written in French and signed by a duly authorized representative of the candidate.

- Certified copies of the original of the articles of association provided in the original language with a sworn translation into the national or French language, unless the original is in French or Arabic.

- Copies of certified financial statements and annual reports for the three (3) fiscal years preceding the date of the prequalification request; presented in their original language with translations into French, unless the original is in French or English.

- Any other document or information, particularly technical, required must be presented in French or English.


2. Procedures for submitting the request for prequalification

The request for prequalification is sent, by mail, to the attention of the Chairman of the ALNAFT Management Committee or submitted by hand, against acknowledgment of receipt, to the ALNAFT order office, located at the following address:

Lot N°G8, Chemin Kaddous,

Haut site Hydra, Alger.

In the event that a prequalification request is submitted by email (, it is taken into consideration immediately and will only be submitted to the Management Committee once the original has been sent. this request transmitted, accompanied by the complete file.

3. Types of prequalification

ALNAFT will issue a prequalification certificate which will indicate the capacity under which the person is prequalified as:

- Operator - Investor in Onshore only;

- Operator - Investor in Onshore and Offshore;

- Investor - non Operator;

- Upstream operator.

Is considered as :

Operator - Investor: a person with the technical qualifications and experience necessary to conduct upstream operations and with the required financial capacity.

Investor - non-Operator: a person with the required financial capacity, but not necessarily the technical qualifications or experience required to operate.

Upstream operator: a person with technical capacities, responsible for leading and carrying out upstream operations in the name, on behalf of and under the responsibility of the party that appointed him under a hydrocarbons contract or 'an upstream concession.

The person pre-qualified as Operator-investor, Investor-non-operator or upstream Operator, may be party to a hydrocarbons contract.

However, the Investor-non-operator cannot claim to be the sole party to a hydrocarbon contract.

The national company holding an upstream concession can delegate the conduct of upstream operations to a third party having a prequalification certificate issued by ALNAFT to act in its name, on its behalf and under its responsibility.

As part of a hydrocarbon contract, the role of upstream operator, prequalified by ALNAFT, can be performed by one of the contracting parties, a joint body or a third party designated by the contracting parties.

Companies already pre-qualified by ALNAFT, set up as a joint body or in a consortium can be pre-qualified as an upstream operator on request from ALNAFT.

A person pre-qualified as Operator-Investor is systematically pre-qualified as an upstream Operator.

Anyone wishing to carry out prospecting activities, within the framework of a prospecting authorization, must first be pre-qualified by ALNAFT as: Operator-investor, Investor- non-operator or upstream Operator.

However, the person pre-qualified as an Investor- non-Operator requesting a prospecting authorization must be accompanied by an upstream Operator pre-qualified by ALNAFT.

These people will be able to conduct prospecting activities, on behalf of ALNAFT, within the framework of prospecting service contracts (art. 46 of Law 19-13 governing hydrocarbon activities).

In the context of projects requiring specific technical expertise not available or not mastered by most oil companies, any pre-qualified person can be called by ALNAFT for additional prequalification as part of an initial phase of the call for competition for this type of project.