The National Agency for the Valorization of Hydrocarbon Resources "ALNAFT"

Presentation of the NDB/BDN

The National Data Bank is an integrated system hosting the official copy of the Algerian heritage of petroleum exploration and production (E&P) petro-technical data. It originates from Law 05-07 on hydrocarbons.

The main purpose of the BDN is to guarantee access to the receptacle which houses the information and data resulting from the activities of prospecting and Research & Exploitation of hydrocarbons for the purposes of promotion, control, research and management

The BDN aspires to become the single reference and a center of excellence in the management and preservation of E&P data, where information and data will help to optimize the value created by the industry and to maximize the economic growth of the country, by bringing together the appropriate combination of technology and service to optimize the flow of information to and within ALNAFT and to provide the support and process systems necessary to guarantee rapid, controlled and secure deposit and access to petro- techniques of known quality.

Its main missions are:

- Preserve, conserve and manage the national heritage of petro-technical data;

- Update the BDN system;

- Develop and implement the development policy of the ALNAFT Information System;

- Define and control the application of norms and standards in information technology of the information system;

- Provide assistance to other activities of ALNAFT;

- Ensure a technological watch in terms of data management and national databases.

Its main objectives are:

- Always listen to the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties;

- Maintain and improve data quality to meet customer requirements and other applicable requirements;

- Use standards and best practices in data management;

- Keep the information system up to date using the latest technologies to guarantee security, conservation and improve access to data;

- Optimize data workflows from generation to hosting in the BDN;

- Develop skills.

The BDN Quality Management System. "ISO 9001 v 2015 certified"

Application domain

The scope of certification covers all the activities of the National Data Bank, namely:

- The collection of petro-technical data and their loading into the BDN system

- The provision of data loaded in the BDN

- Maintaining and updating the BDN system ensuring the preservation

BDN system performance

The performance of the BDN system is evaluated through KPIs, based in particular on:

- The satisfaction of BDN users;

- The conformity of products and services;

- Realization of the action plan.